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Jokerz Candy by Strane - Liberty Cannabis, Rockville (MD Medical)

Strain: Jokerz Candy

​Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis

Location: Rockville, MD

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

Jokerz Candy is a fairly recent addition to the brilliant evolving collection cultivated by Holistic Industries (Strane) and currently available at Liberty Cannabis in Rockville, Maryland. Already masters cultivating the beloved strain, Gummiez, they have a great understanding of the best methods involved in growing similar crossbreeds, and it shows.



Complementary to the name, this strain holds true to the Joker's color palette. A balanced mix of greens, oranges & purples. The orange hairs are a good indicator that this was harvested at the perfect time, showing the care that Holistic put into this flower to reach its peak harvest ripening.


Remarkably dense, grape sized buds. As it broke down, it was sticky and came apart with ease.


Cured and ready to smoke.



When compared to its parent strains it seems to lean more heavily towards the Grape Gasoline rather than its mother, Gummiez. It provides a skunky, fragrant, grape, and gassy scent that fills the room.


Sweet in nature, I was welcomed with a grape candy taste. As I exhaled it was also sweet and considerably gassy.


Jokerz Candy was bred by the engineering masterminds making some of the most current crosses, Compound Genetics. It's an indica-dominant cross of Gummiez & Grape Gasoline.



With high THC levels, plus Myrcene and Ocimene being the main terps, I knew I was in for a feel good body-heavy strain. The cartoon-like dreamy effects creeped in after about 15 minutes, making me want to rest and recharge for a little while. I was then ready to carry out the rest of my day with relief from any tension.


If you love sweet and grape-heavy combined with notes of petro, this is a great option right now. I believe the attention to detail that Holistic Industries gives this flower contributes largely to its stunning final appearance and deep effects. Be on the lookout for more new additions to their cultivar collection as these growers are truly pheno hunting and cultivating some of Maryland's very best right now! Can't wait to see what they harvest next!

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