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Lemon Cherry - DC Dash

Lemon Cherry, a potent hybrid now on the menu at i-71 cannabis delivery service DC Dash, is a pheno of Lemon Cherry Gelato where the best qualities of the strain shine through to create an epically tasty treat. The typical flavor profile and giggly effects of the LCG are certainly there, but to me there's an extra level of headiness to this batch as well.


Cracking open my bag released an instant cloud of sweet smells wafting into my room. Strong fruit notes emerged first, with definite earthy undertones and just a touch of gas to provide an extra kick. I detected a bit of sourness as well, in the best way - like a neon gummy worm or a glass of pink lemonade.

These buds are beautiful, with a thick coating of gritty white and starry trichomes, as if someone had taken the trimmed flower and dragged it through their kief collector before packaging it. Clearly they hadn't, but this was the appearance nonetheless. With a glance, the trained eye can see that this is a highly potent toke.


Rolled in a joint, the flavor was pleasant and mild. The sourness comes through, and so does a bit of sweetness. It burned super smooth and the “lemon” flavor comes through much more strongly than the cherry or gassy flavors. This is thanks to the presence of limonene, the terpene found in citrus fruit peels that makes them taste and smell so lovely.

My first impression was that this LCG had some kick to it. I felt bright and giggly and chatty - an instant mood boost after a long day at work. Despite being tired, I found that my LCG helped me stay focused and positive as I finished the rest of the day’s chores before heading to bed. And when I was done, I settled in for a deep, cozy, comfy sleep.

Overall, this Lemon Cherry looks good, smells good, and tastes good. It perked me up and then put me down easy. I will, for sure, be going out of my way to get it again. If you want some too, hit up DC Dash and tell them Toker’s Guide sent you!

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