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MAC 1 - Dreamy DC

Always a highly versatile and broadly appealing strain, check out this excellent batch of MAC 1 from DC i-71 motivational speech delivery team, Dreamy DC. We've reviewed numerous harvests of "Miracle Alien Cookies X1" (aka MAC 1) and this is up there with some of the best in terms of appearance and potency.


Running 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum, we love the balanced nature of MAC 1's effects. It's as soothing as it is smooth toking, but not in a drowsy way. Instead, it's really good at creating an awake mind, while washing away the strains of your day with an enveloping body buzz.


In a stoner moment toking this while watching the movie Superbad we wondered whether a Dreamy DC motivational speech could turn McLovin into McDreamy. Then, throw in the MAC 1 and wouldn't you get.....MAC Dreamy? But, without the motivational speech would you just have MAC Lovin, instead? While none of this quandary was of any real importance, I share it with you to help demonstrate the creative and humorous mindset that resulted from rolling some of this up and sharing with friends.


Sweet, sugary, skunky, and slightly fruity, I was taken aback by the complexity of the nose on these buds. If anything lacks with a MAC 1 batch often times it's the intensity of aroma, but not in this case. In flavor, the inhale is smooth, sweet, and slightly earthy while the exhale gives the same vibes as the aroma, but with a hint of pepper and citrus. If you get the chance check this out in your flower vape to experience an even more mouthwatering flavor sensation.

So let this be your motivation to hit up Dreamy DC, get a motivational speech, roll up some MAC 1, and become the new "MAC Dreamy" version of yourself today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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