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Madison Square Gumbo - Trending Leafs

Strain: Madison Square Gumbo

​Service: Trending Leafs

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

​Lean: Indica dominant

Initial Thoughts

Fire alert! This is some seriously sexy bud going by the name of Madison Square Gumbo and currently available from DC i-71 delivery service, Trending Leafs. It's fresh and has a plethora of trichomes, but it's also got a mega delicious aroma that will make you want to consider duct tapping your nose to the jar for a while. 👃



Gorgeous, robust buds with blue and purple hues along with a heavy amount of white trichomes and orange pistils.


Fresh and just beginning to cure.


A funky mix of a sweet candy like scent with some creamy gassiness. A phenomenal aroma.



Super smooth with a candy-like exotic mouth and notes of pine, cream, fuel, and tart fruit.


The Madison Square Gumbo strain is a cross of Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon that runs indica dominant.


The euphoria and warm, calming body buzz of this batch are tremendous and it's effects are overtly stoning in nature. Expect to have cerebral disorientation and a lack of focus - definitely save this one for evening time or when you have nothing important to do. From the moment they first hit it, real tokers will know this is some heavy-hitting and potent flower that will leave you lifted for hours.



They say to perform at Madison Square Garden you have to be real star. I think the same should be true of the name when applied to other products. In this case, Madison Square Gumbo gives an outstanding performance worthy of the name and stardom. To stash some "Gumbo" for yourself just hit up Trending Leafs today and place your order. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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