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Mango Lemonade by Seed & Strain - Cannabist, Norfolk (VA Medical)

Updated: Apr 11

Strain: Mango Lemonade

Market: VA Medical

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant


With fall on our doorstep, many of us are doing everything we can to hang on to those last remnants of summer. For me, that includes catching those last rays of sun on the beach with a mango margarita, paired with this delectable Mango Lemonade strain cultivated by Seed and Strain. This strain is available at the Cannabist dispensary in Norfolk, VA as well as other locations throughout the state. With a groovy fruity aroma of mangos and diesel erupting from the jar, I knew I’d be having plenty of fun in the sun!



After opening my jar, I noted dense dark green buds with specks of purple marbled into each nug. Glistening trichomes and neon orange pistils greeted my gaze and left me drooling a little.


Fresh, beginning to cure.


A tropical eruption of mango and lemon, with hints of diesel and pine tickling the nose.


Fruity, sweet, and citrusy with notes of gas as you exhale.



The Mango Lemonade strain is a three way cross between Gorilla Glue #4 X Mango #13 X Tropicanna Punch that runs 60/40 indica dominant.


This Mango Lemonade strain gives the perfect high for the end of summer! Despite its indica lean, this strain is fairly equally balanced right off the bat. The cerebral rush of euphoria is exhilarating and gives you that perfect boost of energy. As you sit in the high, you’ll begin to feel that ultimate relaxation we all crave. Definitely more of an afternoon into evening strain for that reason.


If you’re looking for one last summer HURRAH, try adding this Mango Lemonade into the mix! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the groovy euphoric high this glorious strain has to offer. You could be enjoying all the fun in the sun, just swing on by Cannabist in Norfolk to pick yourself up a batch. And don’t forget to let them know you heard about it here on Toker’s Guide!


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