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Mimosa - Sugar Ray's DC

Out of 5 of my closest ganja toking friends here in the DC area, two of them will tell you that their favorite strain is Mimosa. This plus I know several other people in the DC circuit and out West who have said the same thing. Given the universe of cultivars available to choose from, and believe me these people have been through their fair share of cannabis types, it says a lot about how good Mimosa can be. But, what makes her so great and so often chosen as a fav? Well, we're putting this fresh and fruity batch from DC i-71 delivery extraordinaire Sugar Ray's DC in focus and diving in face first to help reveal more.


For a city that loves brunches more than, perhaps, any other city besides Paris, a strain called mimosa has an instant leg up. As the name implies, the citrus forward and effervescent aroma and flavor of this batch is something that closely resembles having your face stuck in a carafe of fresh squeezed orange juice and champagne. Of course, doing that wouldn't be in-line with recommended brunch etiquette. It would, however, be acceptable to waft the scent of a fresh fruited mimosa beverage before taking a sip. Similarly, I say it should be equally appropriate to do the same with these buds at the table - though some restaurants may frown on the move. 😂


A cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, it's no surprise that the strain packs as much flavor as it does, with terpenes available in abundance. What might be somewhat of a surprise, though, is just how far sativa leaning she runs. Clementine is a 50/50 hybrid and Purple Punch is indica heavy, something like 80/20. How did we end up with a sativa heavy hybrid? The answer lies in the parents selected, the stabilization process, and the eventual traits actually elicited by the offspring. These all matter more than the simple, rough math done with the estimated input percentages.

The important takeaway for we tokers is simply that this Mimosa (and other Mimosi) does run sativa heavy and provides more than mildly energetic effects. It's the combination of these delightfully energetic effects and delectable citrus flavors that make me a big fan, and I'm sure this is what drives the affinity for others as well. It's creativity inspiring, joy inducing, and allows for the concept of a "perma-grin", though not heard of much recently, to be dusted off and thrown back into the lexicon.


Whether brunch time or just daytime in general, this is definitely a toke for the daylight hours. I'd also say that if you haven't tried many sativas, but you're looking for something to help you stay more alert, this can be a pretty good one to help make the introduction to your system without getting over amped.

To grab some of this deliciously potent Mimosa and find out why everyone raves about this strain, give Sugar Ray's DC a shout ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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