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Octane OG - Royale Dankness

If you like a really solid old school OG like I do, then let me introduce you to Octane OG from the most regal of all the DC i-71 delivery services, Royale Dankness. It's fresh and super piney, with hints of lemon and a diesel-esque punch for a finish - just like a chronic OG should be. Honestly, it was even a little hard to photograph because of how neon green, white, and twinkly it was...but I'm def not complaining.


A cross of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush this is a super indica that hits intensely hard and can easily drive a knock out, super mellow buzz for extended durations. Note that the terms "oh shit" and "whoa" may be thrown around frequently among friends who partake in this stoney treat together as they attempt to explain the onslaught of stoner moments that will inevitably ensue.


You'll also want to keep a cold beverage by your side, your favorite pizza place's number handy, and make sure you know where your phone is before you rip this down. Otherwise, chaos could result as you begin to urgently require munchies, but without full motor function. The only other problem will be who wants to scrape themselves up off the couch to bring the pizza on the final leg of its journey? But, don't worry, the hunger will overpower the couch lock eventually.


A phenomenal evening smoke that's righteous enough for even the most refined connoisseur's palate, this Octane OG should be your next pick up to restock the indica section of your stash box. Just hit up DC i-71 service Royale Dankness today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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