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Oreo - DC Dash

Now famous delivery service DC Dash sprinted by me on their way to their next customer and magically a sample of this Oreo strain appeared in my hand - these guys are quick! 😉


An indica dominant crossbreed of Cookies 'N Cream and Secret Weapon, Oreo - also known as Oreoz or Oreo Cookies - is for those in need of a sweet, sedative treat. Which means it's a good thing that I waited until the evening to partake in its starry-eyed splendor.


Slightly more dry than we'd prefer, the necessary sweet, spicy, nutty, and chocolatey notes were still present when breaking it up. An immediately redeeming factor was the insane amount of kief that fell off onto the rolling tray. Yes, the trichomes were highly abundant with this specimen.


To give this Oreo strain a try place your gift order with DC Dash ASAP. Don't forget to use promo code "TOKERS" to get 15% OFF!

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