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Panama Red Gen. 15 by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

Strain: Panama Red

​Dispensary: Takoma Wellness Center

Market: DC Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

​Lean: Landrace Sativa

Initial Thoughts

I recently found myself at Takoma Wellness and I'd been hoping to try the strain Panama Red for sometime, so when I saw the version from DC craft cultivators, Alt Sol, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Initially, when I saw the buds' form and color, my eyes told me that the rumors were true. I must get my paws on this classic sativa!



This flower is beautiful. I was welcomed by the deep green buds with their long red hairs and juicy crystalline trichomes.


Dense well-trimmed buds of various sizes.


Yummy, tender and succulent. Great cure on this flower.


Tropical and earthy. Absolutely incredible, and so unique.


Tea, spicy/ herbal & tropical.


Originating in Panama this sativa landrace has already stood the test of time, and has been crafted with love to its peak ripeness. This strain flowers longer than many others in the sativa cannabis world, taking 11-12 weeks of some of the brightest light to reach its full potential!


I first enjoyed the flavor during the smoking experience, it was unlike what I've tried before in my years of smoking. It felt classy and had an acquired taste that I had a big appreciation for. I first noticed a buzzing in my body, then I realized my mind was being relaxed while also maintaining the ability to focus and think freely. I loved using this strain at work and during creative tasks like writing and cooking. It was also a great, re-energizing companion during a hike I brought it on.


This flower for me personally really did live up to, and even exceed, the expectations I had heard about Alternative Solution's flower. This strain in particular is a must try, as so many other cultivators don't try their hand in it due to its particularly long flowering time and very high, sunlight-like light consumption. I suggest picking this up if you want to experience something special and need a sativa that isn't going to make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. When you stop in, don't forget to let the dispensary staff know Toker's Guide sent you!


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