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Petro Headstash - District Firehouse

Without their smell proof jars, District Firehouse's samples would probably have made my whole house smell like a cross between a skunk, pine forest, and open can of diesel fuel. Connoisseurs certainly welcome this aroma and are even led by their nose to it much like Toucan Sam. However, in this case, you can tell Toucan Sam to keep his colorful beak to his own headstash because these buds aren't even remotely fruity (and they're mine).😉

Petro Headstash, short for Petrolia Headstash, is a classic indica strain famously out of Humboldt California with offspring that have even reached legendary status such as heavy indica, Herijuana. Modern cultivators have brought the cultivar out of their seed vaults recently and added some modern genetics to the mix, thus bringing an improved version of Petro, and it's outstanding smell, back into the limelight.

If the intensity of its aroma wasn't a clear enough sign of potency, let me just tell you: This is a very, very potent indica. It will make you feel heavy, fuzzy, completely euphoric and, perhaps, even a bit disoriented. Don't forget the munchies and no heavy machinery please!

I usually try to give a nod to a couple ways to toke upon each of the delightful flower samples I review. With this beautiful batch, though, I have to recommend rolling joints. You'll just be missing out too much if you don't get to experience the rich and gassy flavor that ends up being so surprisingly savory in a raw cone or paper. This is especially true if you have a petro, piney, or diesel-oriented palate for weed.

To get some of this fine Petro Headstash for yourself just hit up District Firehouse and schedule your delivery ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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