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Pink Guava - HYFE

Strain: Pink Guava

Service: HYFE

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

This Pink Guava from DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, HYFE, instantly caught my attention with an intriguingly dense bud structure, obvious freshness, and fruity citrus aroma. As soon as I touched them these super sticky buds not only left behind gritty kief but also a residue that wanted to glue my fingers together immediately. 👌



These Pink Guava buds are dense with a vibrant palette of purple, blue, dark green, and light green. There are also lots of trichomes - many still starry - and bright orange pistils.


Fresh and sticky.



Notes of citrus and sour fruit intertwined.


Sourness took the lead, accompanied by a bright citrus essence that added a layer of tartness and a subtle candy-like sweetness followed suit.



The Pink Guava strain is a cross of Nepali Pink and Guava that results in a balanced 50/50 hybrid.


The effects wasted no time in making their presence felt, I found myself swept away into a world of daydreams with a subtle body buzz. Curiosity surged within me, prompting a desire for conversation and exploration. At one point, my inquisitiveness led me to ask my significant other one too many questions about the movie she was watching, which had me hastily ushered out of the room. Great for daytime, but may be slightly too energetic for late evening if you're looking to get some rest.



Pink Guava's ability to whisk your troubles away while creating an active mind and embracing you in a cozy body high makes it a perfectly balanced hybrid, in my opinion. The sour citrus flavor, potency, and stickiness mean it's delight to hit in the bong - expect a nice, uplifting head rush upon exhale too. To experience this batch for yourself just hit up HYFE today and don't forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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