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Pink Runtz - Green Light DC

Of all the versions of Runtz and other strains that I came across this week, this Pink Runtz is my personal favorite. It was a very close competition, and one that we really didn't even mean to have, but there's just something SO delectable about this specific batch from DC recreational storefront, Green Light, that it needed some extra recognition, in my opinion. Therefore, we're calling it our Flower of the Week!


The flavor is most definitely Runtz in base, but all the right notes seem to be dialed-in to perfection. Its skunky, sweet, fruity, and gassy levels are all the way up to the maximum. When you rip this down in the bong it's shocking how much it makes your mouth water, and on the exhale it nearly brought a tear to my eye.


On said exhale, the first one that is, I closed my eyes and felt an immense wave of warm tinglies wash over me. They raced around for a few moments exploring the outer reaches of my limbs and then settled in my neck and back region. Following the wave of euphoria was a secondary wave of tranquility that washed away all of the stresses of the day, but somehow left all the tinglies intact.


Explore this totally delectable and astoundingly stoney, yet balanced, hybrid strain by heading to storefront Green Light DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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