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Pink Ztarburzt Cold Cure Live Rosin - HYFE

Strain: Pink Ztarburzt

​Service: HYFE

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid


Initial Thoughts

This is a really nice batch of Pink Ztarburzt cold cure live rosin that's currently available from DC i-71 delivery team, HYFE. The packaging is top class with Big Al's "Pressure" graphics and it even comes with a little dab tool and neon "bean bag" inside the box. The contents is, of course, "where it's at" and the aroma comes on thick with an effervescent, creamy fruitiness that immediately makes my taste buds take notice. 👅



A consistent light tan color. Smooth and silky like putty. Not sticky when cold.


A bright and funky fruitiness like a tropical rum punch with creamy, anise, and gassy hues in the background.



Fruity, sour, creamy, gassy, and tart in that order all within a few seconds of inhale. The aftertaste is the same but with hints of anise and pine. Super terpy.


Pink Ztarburzt, not to be confused with Pink Starburst, is a four-way hybrid cross of Zkittlez, Agent Orange, Forbidden Fruit, and Pineapple Thai ((Zkittlez x Agent Orange) x (Forbidden Fruit x Pineapple Thai BX)) that runs balanced at roughly 50/50 or 55/45.


Immediately after partaking in this batch via Mighty vaporizer (~360 degrees F) I experienced a vibrant headspace and enough energy to take on nearly any daytime to-do list with a smile on my face. It was quite uplifting, yet it wasn't hard to achieve focus or calm when desired. I'm a big fan of this one for re-energizing after lunch, but could also see it being helpful nearly any time of day. The sativa influence is stronger than you might think, but the tremendously euphoric body buzz prevents any edginess.



All the DC dabbers out there looking for something of the highest caliber should definitely order up this Pink Ztarburst live rosin "Pressure" from HYFE as fast as you can (it won't last long). When you do don't forget to mention that you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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