Platinum Gelato - Top Secret DC

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ok, so I was half tempted not to do this review so I could ensure that this Platinum Gelato from Top Secret DC would stick around long enough for me to get seconds, maybe even thirds? I'm all about this batch.

Combining to make this out-of-this-world, balanced 50/50 hybrid strain possible are Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Sunset Sherbet. As you can probably guess, the taste is unbelievably delectable - an outright gourmet experience. It's so utterly savory, complexly sweet, and delightfully skunky all at the same time!

You may have seen other versions of platinum gelato on menu's elsewhere and passed over it. This one grabs you visually, not to mention from an olfactory perspective, and right away you can tell it's on another level. It's trichomes are hyper-white, the coloration is exotic with purples, blues, and myriad greens strewn throughout. Its structure is overflowing with fluffiness and it's impossibly sticky. The cultivator gets full marks on this one guys - 100% A+

When it comes to effects, she's right in the middle but with a smudge more energy than a true 50/50. She's also the kind that as soon as you begin pulling a hit you might start smiling, knowing the pure joy that is about to commence.

Please do not go to Top Secret DC right now and pick up this bud so that I can hoard it all for myself! That is all. JK. But, no, seriously, this stuff is truly incredible and I hope you all get a chance to check it out. Give them a shout ASAP and you'll be very, very happy you did.

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