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Presenting, Two Devils Infused Chocolates

What happens when two culinary professionals/chocolatiers decide to put their heads together and dive into the cannabis industry? Amazing infused chocolate obviously! Two Devils Sweets and Treats is one of the newer edible brands to launch into the i-71 market and honestly I am surprised that I haven’t seen them on the shelves of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods yet. Oh wait, we still don’t have the full legalization that we need for that to happen...however, these super professional and chic chocolates warrant a place in our most mainstream of grocers any day of the week.


Focusing on chocolate for their initial launch, Two Devils has produced an absolutely tantalizing line of infused chocolate bars that incorporate dark and milk chocolate varieties as well as several flavors for whatever your sweet tooth desires. Under the watchful eyes of their devilish logo is a professional and cohesive brand identity that makes their (gift) products truly stand out from the crowd as a unique, standalone fixture in our community. There is no chance of confusing their gifted products with any other name brand, unlike those that practice the “lets knock off a doritos bag or nerds rope brand and call it our own business” model. Two Devils has established themselves as unique and local in a way that is designed to survive any future crackdown on trademark infringement that happens across the market, making them a great investment into your edible needs of the future.


As we continue to march forward towards a world of full cannabis legalization, we are seeing many more companies start to recognize the aspects of industry that hitherto have not applied to the underground market. Things like cohesive brand identity and copyright laws are often lost on many start ups, but not Two Devils. Their thoughtful and eloquent design demonstrates very clearly that their intention is to be a business that lasts for the long term and can compete in the mainstream marketplace.


BUT, we don’t just write about things because they have excellent packaging, and while I am super impressed with Two Devil’s design team, it is ultimately the quality and sheer variety of their chocolates that really draws us in. Their product launch menu consists of their signature dark chocolate bar, a maldon sea salt dark chocolate bar, a peppermint dark chocolate bar, a candied orange crunch chocolate bar, a mint milk chocolate bar, and an m&m milk chocolate bar which quite frankly are all delicious. I am a huge fan of chocolate and every one of their flavors is something I enjoy eating and the fact that they have brought cannabis to such a high level of professional execution is really a blessing to the community. Like I said, I am surprised Trader Joe’s hasn’t scooped them up.


Additionally, they make dosing so easy! Their product line is currently standardized at 200mg per bar which can then be further divided up into 20mg squares. This labeling is so crucial to our edible connoisseurs because dosing around edibles has been a notoriously difficult endeavor for most of the consuming population. Some brands feel like they have way more thc than advertised, some brands feel like they have way less, and almost none of them clearly list a dosing guideline that would allow us to figure out exactly how much of an edible product we should eat.


Two Devils has taken that into consideration in the design of their product, making sure that their chocolates test out at their intended dosage and then passing on their confidence to the customer by clearly labeling how many mg total as well as how to break up their mg dosage according to your desired dosage. So many products are labeled as 100mg or 200mg but are effectively just a single brownie or single bag which forever begs the questions of “what if I only want to eat 20mg of my 100mg bag, how much do I eat exactly?” Well, if you get Two Devils, that answer is on the label for your convenience!


Again, this level of thought behind a brand is something we do not often see around the i-71 market. Of course there are many good brands out there and we at Toker’s Guide do our best to identify them, but Two Devils is truly a great brand. They utilize top shelf ingredients and top of the line chocolate infusion techniques to produce a very high quality product that gives us confidence and variety. The fact that Two Devils and team have the foresight and compassion to understand the needs of their consumer base and went out of pocket to create a beautiful AND considerate packaging label really shows their long term potential. I know our team absolutely devoured our chocolates and I know I will be back for more!

Chocolate and cannabis lovers everywhere deserve to try Two Devils Sweets and Treats because they are a company that our community deserves. You can trust them to put out gourmet level products with dosing that's accurate and manageable for any lifestyle. If edibles are your preferred ingestion method then Two Devils will quickly become one of your go to sources for cannabis goodness. Please let us know which flavor is your favorite because we had a hard time just choosing one!

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