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Red Velvet Runtz by Center City Cultivation - Takoma Wellness Center (DC Medical)

Strain: Red Velvet Runtz

​Dispensary: Takoma Wellness Center

Market: DC Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Coming out of DC medical cannabis dispensary, Takoma Wellness Center, this Center City Cultivation creation is a FIRE strain by the name of Red Velvet Runtz! The name right away stood out to me as I am a big fan of red velvet cake, and it sounded like it was going to be something very worthy of a positive review. I initially heard from a few dispensary agents how much they enjoyed it, and that's usually a great sign!



Solid, uniform, frosty buds. Dark green color with tons of trichomes coating the flower. Showing through them are short yet prominent orange hairs.


Dense, even nugs. Breaks down smoothly, leaving an intriguing layer of stickiness on your fingers.





Earthy, yet sweet and a bit sour.


Cherry candy inhale, the exhale comes through slightly more berry and fruity.


Red Velvet Runtz is an indica-dominant cross of Red Velvet and Runtz strains.



My blunt burned like an incense, nice and slow. I was drawn into a Netflix show with my partner, laughing and being child-like engaging with one another. This strain made me feel bubbly and social with also a settling, relaxed body feel. After about 30 minutes it got a bit heavier in the body while still keeping that sense of wonder mentally for the remainder of the night.


I'm going back to DC to get more of these Red Velvet Runtz from Takoma Wellness as soon as I can. The amazing flavor and divine, bubbly effects are exactly what I'm looking to add to my collection at the moment and the potency unquestionable. To grab some for yourself just head to TWC today and don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!


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