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Rotten Fresaz - Lucky Chuckie

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Strain: Rotten Fresaz

​Service: Lucky Chuckie

Market: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

With an intriguing name and a nice, frosty appearance, this Rotten Fresaz specimen from DC i-71 cannabis delivery service, Lucky Chuckie, is a strain I'm not familiar with at all and, thus, my curiosity was piqued. As a public service announcement let me say, before I go any further, that this batch does not actually smell rotten or, as my friend from Boston tried to put it, like a rotten freezah. No, no, it actually smells like an indica of the kush variety - which is a good thing. 👃✅



Bright green with bluish-purple flecks and a heavy amount of white trichomes all over. Dense in structure, but somewhat spongey to the touch.


Fresh and just starting to cure.


Like a spicy kush with notes of earth, skunk, cream, and pine. When you break it up or squeeze it really hard a super gassy and skunky aroma is released that begins to dominate all others.



Gassy, skunky, piney, and earthy with spices like that of an Indian buffet.


We're not finding much when researching Rotten Frezas, but is it possible that this is a case of a smudge or typo and the name is actually supposed to be Rotten Rozay? In that case it would be a cross of GMO and Rozay F2, and run indica dominant.


For me the effects were euphoric and stoning with most of the buzz swirling around my body. It was somewhat disorienting and certainly led to munchies, so I do believe this is overtly indica in nature. Best rolled up and burned during late afternoon or evening hours its calming and sedative effects make for the coziest of couch sessions.



Indica connoisseurs looking to try something new - something with an exotically pungent gassy and skunky flavor - should consider adding this Rotten Fresaz to their collection. Just hit up Lucky Chuckie today and they'll get your delivery squared away, right away. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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