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Sour Sangria - Buddha Buddy DC

This is not my first time sampling Sour Sangria, but this batch from DC recreational (i-71) cannabis delivery crew, Buddha Buddy, is the best I’ve gotten my hands on. This award-winning sativa (though labelled an indica here) looks, smells, and tastes fantastic while delivering a relaxing, but not overwhelming, stone.


Originally cultivated by Maven Genetics, Sour Sangria is a cross between Yuzu Mac and Pandora. The terpene profile is dominated by limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool, lending the flower a fruity, earthy flavor.

This might be some of the strongest and sweetest smelling cannabis I’ve ever had the pleasure of sniffing. Opening the bag was like getting kissed by a cloud of fragrance. Citrus notes are the most prominent, but there is a powerful, heavy dankness to this bud as well that wafts up to your nose and settles in comfortably. A deep inhale had me feeling happy and relaxed - and that’s before I even started smoking!


The sample I tried was beautiful and colorful, like the fruit floating in a jug of sangria. Lime green buds with flecks of orange hairs and the occasional hint of dark blackberry purple. All of these colors have to be discerned through a generous coating of white trichomes that absolutely coat this flower. Picking up the nug by the stem, I could see bits of kief falling off in a light sprinkling.

Sour Sangria has a smooth, tasty smoke on both the inhale and exhale. The limonene helps the sour flavor take the lead, lending this strain its name, while caryophyllene balances out some of those lemony notes with a peppery, earthy spiciness.


Although Sour Sangria is a sativa, my experience was very relaxed, which is prob why they ended up labeling it indica. After a particularly stressful day at work, I could physically feel the tension lifting in my back and shoulders as the day’s pains and worries were washed away. My mind, which had been racing with troubles, was quieted for a while. I spent some time just vegetating in my favorite chair and listening to music before getting to some evening chores. Although this strain is relaxing, it is not overwhelming; you won’t find any couch lock or sleepiness here. Just a happy, pleasant, tasty treat.

To check out this Sour Sangria for yourself just hit up Buddha Buddy DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker’s Guide sent you!

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