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Spooky Halloween Treats - Cannabake DC

The culinary geniuses over at Cannabake DC have brought to life some amazing infused creations just in time for Halloween. Each is available at up to 100mg THC upon order and you can even make custom orders - or leave it to their creative baking brains. Either way, they look so alive it's totally spooky!


I accentuate the cake pops in this review because they're just awesome. I mean, there are cake pops...and then there are CAKE POPS. These are the latter and it's mostly because the cake on the inside is SO scrumptious.


If you thought the cake pops looked alive with their cyclops and three-eyed faces, then wait until you see these Franken-crispies. I swear the one kept looking at the other one as if it was trying to go cannibalistic. Luckily, I got there first and took a huge bite out of them both!


While not as spooky, their cupcakes are some of the best around - infused or not. If you like fun-fetti then you're in for a real treat here too. They have the same soft, delectable cake as the pops, but this time with sprinkles baked in!


To have these spooktacular edibles at your Halloween party this weekend (or whenever) reach out to Cannabake DC and place your order ASAP. They're the first place I go for edibles in DC and this time of year the reason is simply because all their treats are so scary good! Don't forget to mention you heard about them on Toker's Guide.


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