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Super Lemon Cherry Gelato by The Wizard of Za - MASC

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The first thing I noticed about this batch of Super Lemon Cherry from DC recreational (i-71) storefront MASC was how downright pretty it was. Truly another batch of fire from The Wizard of Za, these deep green buds are blanketed in a thick layer of frost as inviting as the season’s first snow day. A light wisp of orange hairs nestled throughout the flower pairs with the odd streak of purple, lending a lovely coloration, reminiscent of a bowl of fresh fruit. Grinding this weed up and smoking it almost felt wrong, like cutting into a beautifully sculpted wedding cake.


The fresh-fruit appearance has a scent to match, with strong citrus notes that meld with other, less easily defined fruit smells. Super Lemon Cherry smells like fruit in the way a stick of Juicy Fruit or a bowl of Froot Loops smells like fruit: the natural flavors and terpenes are amped up to an intoxicating sweetness that will have you coming back for more. The fruit smells are underscored by a skunky dankess that promises a heady experience.

SLC is smooth on the inhale, with no harshness or bite. The flavor is less powerful than the scent would have you believe. It is understated and mild, but tasty. My girlfriend took a thoughtful toke, paused for a moment, and then described the flavor as “bright and mellow.”

She and I shared our joint of Super Lemon Cherry on a Saturday morning ahead of a busy day, and this proved to be a great move. Paired with a nice cup of coffee, SLC provided a balanced, therapeutic head high, with a lightly energizing body buzz. We found no couch-lock as we headed out for the day’s tasks, enjoying a stress-free, easy-going sense of euphoria. Although it was primarily a head high, I didn’t feel any “fogginess.” I felt sharp and clear headed, and more than a little giggly as I bounced from errand to errand. I did, however, experience powerful munchies.

Super Lemon Cherry is a great choice for a Saturday morning and you can pick some up ASAP at one of my favorite storefronts, the Metropolitan Art and Sculpture Collaboration (MASC). Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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