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Terpadelic - MASC

Back for another strain review and this time, I’m smoking on some chronic nugs cultivated by Terplords and available from DC recreational storefront, The Metropolitan Art and Sculpture Collaboration (MASC). We're not super familiar with Terp Lords, but it seems they're about all things terpene-related, and we like that for sure. I've been checking out their social media and enjoy the nug shots, the bag appeal, and the unique branding that they utilize.


I’m a sucker for a kick ass bag and their selections do not disappoint. I know the bag has nothing to do with the overall product, but isn’t it nice when you get a fresh Mylar bag that looks more like a sticker and less like a boring rectangular bag. Their bags have flair. They have class. And let me tell you something, the flower inside is just as funky and flavorful as their packaging.

I smoked this herb over a couple different sessions and didn’t have any other flower during that time. I say that specifically because this herb smelled and tasted delicious, and was flavor-packed right down to the end of my joints. I took notice of that. A roach is usually not so desirable to smoke. When you get down to the end, you don’t exactly love it like you did during the first part. But on these occasions, as I was getting down with the Terpadelic, I noticed that the joint tasted just as good at the end as it did at the beginning.


The terps remained intact and tasty throughout the burn. And through a piece of glass?? Well look out, because your mouth is gonna be begging for more of this flavor. With a clean piece of glass, you will catch every little funky fruity flavonoid that this flower has to offer. It was a complex smoke, with hints of mango, citrus, melon, and a gassy funkiness that I really enjoyed.

The buds were not overly hard, and were well manicured. When I broke them apart, the aromas filled the room and created a potpourri of fruitiness that I could really get used to. The trichomes could be seen throughout the broken bud and the herb grinder was full of a nice lighter greenish blend which had hints of purple and orange throughout.

This bud was not harsh at all. The buzz was very energizing and had me PM'ing links for reggae tunes to my friend on vacation in Jamaica. I really enjoyed the contemplative effect that this herb had on me. It was a cerebral buzz with positive vibrations for sure.


I tended to all of my plants meticulously while I was on Terpedelic. When I smoked a spliff of some on my back patio at dusk, I took notice of all of the cicadas chirping away in the forest behind my home. My senses were heightened, and although cannabis does not cause me to straight up hallucinate, I could certainly see where the suffix portion of the strain name can be true to its word.

I would highly recommend this herb to any smoker who enjoys the Sativa-leaning effects of today’s hybrid flower. I sent a DM to TerpLordsDC to get some info about this elusive variety. As I await more info, I can only speculate about the origins. As a grower, the mystique behind it is piquing my interest, and I look forward to learning more about this exciting and vibrant flower.

In the meantime, head to MASC and pick up some of your own, and don’t forget to mention Toker’s Guide when you're there!

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