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Tropical Runtz - The Garden

It seems like there are Runtz everywhere right now, and of all different colors and flavors too. One that caught my eye, and nose, right away is this Tropical Runtz which absolutely has a tropically fruity, citrus skew to its aroma and flavor. Available right now at DC storefront, The Garden, this is a phenomenal batch and a new Runtz pheno I've been psyched to pack in the bong all morning long. 🤗🤤


May I also direct your attention to the super duper heavy amount of trichomes covering these buds? Clearly grown by a highly skilled cultivator it's both trich'd out and skunked out. It's also fresh and comes in jars with a seal, making for a burst of its amazing smell as soon as you pop it open. There was no consensus as to whether it was better in bong or joint as the flavor was rich in both cases. Personally, I've opted for the bong because I just love the warm and fuzzy body buzz with the energetic and active headspace afforded by the sativa influence, and I want its onset to be much more immediate than what would occur with a joint.


A cross of Tropic Truffle (Tropicana Cookies X Mint Chocolate Chip) and Runtz (Gelato x Zkittlez) this Tropical Runtz runs sativa-dominant and can keep you uplifted and chatty for hours on end. Perfect for a day filled with chores, errands, and a workout it made me float joyfully through things that may have otherwise been a little nerve racking too. Its rush isn't over the top, though, like some sativas and therefore it may be a good one to dip your toe into the sativa spectrum with.


So head on over to storefront, The Garden, today to get your hands on some of this outstanding and highly delicious Tropical Runtz before it's gone. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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