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Wonderland Watermelon Infused Vegan Gummies - MASC

Strain: Distillate Blend

​Dispensary: MASC

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

​Lean: Neutral

Initial Thoughts

These Wonderland Watermelon Gummies are just what I needed this week! This is because my throat had been itchy and scratchy all thanks to some fine friend at work - someone who felt like he should ignore the medical events happening in his life and just come on in and get everyone sick. So when flower and dabs are not what you need, a soothing gummy can really save the day. By the looks of the packaging, these things are gonna be flavorful and properly dosed for what my needs are.



The Bright green package indicated that there were 10 pieces inside and the amount of THC in the package was 500mg. Therefore, if my 4th grade division is still sharp, that means 50mg per piece. Upon opening, these little orange-esque and sugar coated cubes were just waiting for me to eat them. They looked very non-kid candy like. That is what I prefer. I like when edibles look like edibles and not like something on the shelf at the convenience store. These had a more boutique appearance to me and I appreciate that.


Fresh. The package was sealed, and the candies inside were not old or stale. They were soft and chewy like they should be.



These had a sour watermelon flavor that I really liked and note that there wasn’t an overly powerful weed flavor that some people are turned off by.



In terms of effects, this is definitely going to depend on who you ask. My wife had half of a gummy, was very high all night, and swears she woke up high the next day. For me, I know that 200mg is what I usually have and decided to eat 2 , which is 100mg. Then, after waiting an hour, I can confirm that I was pretty faded. I didn’t eat any more at that point and I remained on cloud 9 for the remainder of the evening. Then it helped me float off to dreamland and get some extra restful sleep.



Whether it's having a good time, laughing your butt off, stimulating your appetite, relaxing your muscles, or going to sleep, these gummies will do the trick. Note that they do need to be taken with caution, especially if you are unfamiliar with ingesting THC and the potency involved. Going low and slow is the idea, even when they are as mouthwatering as these little squares are.

To grab some vegan Wonderland Watermelon Gummies for yourself just head down to DC i-71 storefront MASC today and don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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