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Yeti Glue - Neon Treez DC

Hey Toker's! Super quick and all points bulletin regarding a new and simply fantastic DC I-71 weed service I just stumbled across. They're called Neon Treez, they have some exceptionally exquisite flower, and they're helping a really good cause - anti-deforestation. So consider yourself informed...and look at this Yeti Glue! 🤩😱😍


I mean these buds pretty much speak for themselves through these photos, but I'll try to do them justice with words. The thing that most impresses me aside from the completely insane amount of trichomes coating these colas is the intensely exotic and robustly sweet, skunky aroma. It's hard to put your finger - er nose - on exactly what it is, but take my word for it when I say it's f'ing awesome.


Some of the colas are quite large as well, verging on cucumber. This is one of the benefits to local harvests - bigger fresher colas. That said, the Neon Treez staff has done an excellent job flushing and curing here. You can tell by both the supple pliability of the bud's structure, but also by the paper white, flakey ash that's left in the hitter piece after one rip. It's the kind of weed that makes you turn to your friend and say "hold up, I need an instant replay of that one!"


That she runs in the middle of the energy and focus range is surprising given a lineage of indica's - Yeti OG and GG#4. I really love the immense rush at onset and the gassy, skunky, yet creamy exhale - so much so I had to go big for my personal stash. That's right, I'll be rolling this one up for at least a few weeks!


Much like it's namesake this Yeti Glue is quite an elusive creature. Make sure you give the team over at Neon Treez a shout ASAP before it becomes nothing but folklore!

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