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Apple Fritter - No Kids Allowed


Walking into No Kids Allowed (@NKA.dc), 637 Pennsylvania Ave SE, is always one of the most welcoming and pleasant experiences in the DC cannabis scene, which is why I am always super happy to stop by their shop for a chance to review some of their gifts! In this case, I am here for one of the more interesting strains available in the DC market, the elusive Apple Fritter. First making its name as one of High Times 2016 “World’s Strongest Strains” list, the Apple Fritter has been a coveted genetic by serious breeders for a minute now. That being said, I rarely see cuts of the potent strain coming around the DMV area which is yet another reason I was so excited to visit NKA! It's often so hard to find niche genetics to sample around DC and having a business like No Kids Allowed that takes the time to curate and source niche menu items and nurtures a community atmosphere is truly invaluable.

So for being awesome, NKA, we thank you!


A cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, it retains a strong connection to its namesakes with a pungent sour, tangie, apple top note underscored by a rich earthiness that provides a nice backbone to the tart apple. In the lineage of Animal Cookies is an extremely terpinolene dominant strain called Cinderella 99 (my personal favorite strain) which I think is where the deep, rich apple notes come from. Terpinolene is one of the common terpenes found in apples and much like an apple has energetic morning qualities, so too does terpinolene. Additionally, in the ancestry of Sour Apple is the original Sour Diesel, another notoriously energizing strain responsible for that quintessential and oh so nostalgic sour aroma we have grown to love. A sour apple sensation is absolutely present and tart enough to squint the face but balanced enough to draw you into its layered depths.


Apple Fritters has made its way through the breeding process, retaining some of the best qualities of some of the best genetics to produce a strain that is a stoney, heavy-lidded energizer, full of giggles and sunshine. It is a potent toke so expect a nap as you start to come down as the back end of the high lulls out into a nice, drowsy and relaxing experience. The overall high is upbeat but stoney, fusing the best worlds of an “indica” and “sativa” effect into its place on the “hybrid” spectrum (we can call it slightly over the 50/50 line in favor of sativa if we must). It is truly a tasty and worthwhile high and I have only seen it, recently, at No Kids Allowed. So drop into their shop to grab some for yourself - their warm staff is always ready to welcome you!

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