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Banana Punch - Joint Delivery

Ahh, the winter indoor harvest season season is upon us. Intriguingly, many of the early batches I've seen have been "banana"-oriented in some way. No complaints here. Banana is totally fine by me, especially if it means an insanely fruity, skunky aroma/flavor along with blankets of hyper-white trichomes. Take the below Banana Punch for example.

It's a crossbreed of the typically stellar Purple Punch and Banana OG resulting in an evenly balanced (50/50) hybrid that is astounding in both taste and potency. It comes to us from DC weed delivery powerhouse Joint Delivery - more specifically their "JD Flowers" line of exquisite and exotic flower. If it's delectable, eye-popping, bizarrely skunky top-shelf tree that you're after, look no further.

I wouldn't necessarily say that there's a strong reason to call this strain "banana." In a blind smell test, you're probably not going to be able to name-that-fruit for this one. When smoked, it hits hard and sweetly delicious with skunky-ness and fruitiness on the exhale. Its buzz will storm your head immediately in a rush that seems to melt over your body dripping down to your toes. She's an absolutely euphoric experience, and a delightfully stoning high. Energy levels remain relatively good, though you may quickly be finding yourself wanting to shirk any serious duties you have in favor of more recreational ones.

Perhaps you're looking for the perfect holiday gift for that stoner you know and love? This could be a great one! Because it's a 50/50 hybrid, you don't need to know their preference, and day or night, you'll have it right. Plus, doesn't it already look like the perfect little snow covered tree? Just make sure you wrap it extra super air-tight. Otherwise, the whole fam may be quickly drawn to a particularly stinky package.

To add this lovely lady to your collection give Joint Delivery a shout ASAP!

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