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Bully Lungs Co. Concentrates - Top Secret DC

We call it "live" resin because it's made from fresh cut flower (the freshest possible) which is flash-frozen, pressed, and refined. If done properly the end product that results has retained nearly all of the ideal terpenes and cannabinoids that would otherwise have been lost in the drying and curing cycle. If you want to get a really good idea of what live resin "done properly" is, check out the new "Bully Lungs Co." line of live resin, caviar, applesauce, and badder from Top Secret DC.


The live resin itself is our first stop on this fantastic flavor carnival. Without hesitation I can say that this is some of the most flavor rich concentrate I've come across. Typically you have to come within several feet of cannabis concentrate by the gram in order to catch it's aroma - not in this case.

With an array of specific cultivars like Suga Cookies, Skywalker (pictured above), Jet Fuel, Trufflez, Outer Space and many more this is a great way to 1). get a sense of what the truest, purest effects of these plants is supposed to be and 2). best manage strain tolerance that can come quickly without a variety to choose from.


Those tokers aiming for even higher terpene levels can look to their "Applesauce" version. This is, effectively, live resin that has been put in a closed system and adjusted using temperature and pressure to further increase concentrations of desired terpenes. In this manner the creator can amplify certain flavor profiles and effects. We found their "Pop Rox" (pictured above) to be impeccably delicious and remarkably like the candy - even with little spikes of tart flavor seeming to act as the "pop". This isn't your grandmother's applesauce!


Take live resin, whip it, mix it, and vacuum purge it at a higher temperature and you'll get an even more refined version called badder. At this consistency and viscosity it acts more like the cake badder you'd find in a baker's kitchen - hence the name. What that means is that you're now smoking, er dabbing, only the most "desirable" aspects and the results can be even more intense from a cerebral and euphoric perspective. Note that in this form you will lose some of the terpene specific entourage effects of the sauce and resin. Personally, I find the live resin and sauces great for sativa, daytime-oriented purposes and the badder for nighttime indica's.


To get "caviar" or jelly hash, bubble hash is typically mixed with hash oil to make a highly delectable treat. In this case, it appears that badder was mixed with live resin sauce to create an even more luxurious version. We tried "Da Runtz" (pictured above) and were super impressed by its ability to capture a multitude of complex flavors. If you think about, isn't that what Runts the candy is anyways - many different fruit flavors in one handful? Bravo on the caviar!

If you're into concentrates and reading this already has you cleaning and prepping your dab rig, I highly recommend giving Top Secret DC a shout ASAP and grabbing some of these delectable Bully Lungs Co gifts for yourself!

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