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Gelato Cookies - Elevated Lounge DC

The nose on these Gelato Cookies grabbed me as soon as I walked in over at Elevated Lounge DC. I didn't even know what it was, at first, but I knew I wanted it. After inspecting some of the samples in the illuminated Smokus jars on the counter, I was no closer to identifying the particular cut that was tantalizing my nostrils - though they all looked of impeccable quality. No, it wasn't until my lovely budtender brought out the plastic container of Gelato Cookies packs that I found it, and then I knew instantly.


She's fresh, she's utterly and completely oozing with fresh starry trichomes, and she's a total smoke show. When you pinch the buds, she's so fresh, yet so well-finished, that as you hear the crackling of brittleness, you'll get a fantastic whoosh of sweet and milky gelato overtaking your senses. Throw a pinch, like the one above, in your tube and prepare for an astounding bouquet of piney skunkyness turned creamy and sugary cake in the aftertaste.


The bud structure is dense, but light and easy to break-up at the same time. There's a multitude of gorgeous colors on all the buds, even the little popcorn ones, but on the bigger colas is where you'll get the more complex blending and contrasting of exotic hues. Purple dominates the valleys while aquamarine and forest greens coat the peaks. Inside, all colorations get a few shades lighter, almost like someone flipped the switch for pastel.


As it cures more, it will undoubtedly be much whiter, but I just love the freshness of this batch now, so I'm definitely not waiting to see how any further curing shakes out. As a huge fan of Gelato and Girls Scout Cookies (GSC) it's no surprise that this was where my nose led me. Technically, though, Gelato Cookes is a Cookie Fam creation resulting from the breeding of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. This is, of course, the genetic makings of all Gelato's (think #33, #41, etc.) the variable being which pheno's were involved. Yet, given the extreme nose and remarkably similar characteristics of this batch, I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually Bacio Gelato 41 and of Sherbinski origin.


In terms of effects, think everything you could want in an indica leaning hybrid, but add a little zoning energy and headspace to the mix. It's definitely a cerebral variety. Maybe you could kick it in the Elevated Lounge for a bit and get....elevated 😂🤦‍♂️. You know, grab a cannon or two or even take a little Elevated Tour <---did you know about these awesome experiences? Whatever your fancy, go check out the excellence that is Elevated and tell them Toker's Guide sent you to get extra hooked up.

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