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Gelonade by Rythm - RISE Dispensary (Silver Spring, Maryland)

Strain: Gelonade

Dispensary: RISE

Market: Maryland Recreational

Overall Rating: 9/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

This batch of Gelonade, cultivated by Rythm and currently available at Maryland marijuana dispensary RISE in Silver Spring, has a nose that's a fusion of gelato and citrusy lemonade. Accordingly, I can't wait to give this one's citrusy sweetness a taste and I'm equally psyched to experience its, reported, highly refreshing euphoric effects. When a friend who had already tried it recently walked in the aroma was so pronounced he immediately asked, "You're getting ready to be Gellin' aren't you?"



These Gelonade buds have a dense and compact structure with vibrant green hues accented by splashes of purple along with fiery orange pistils. There's also a thick layer of crystalline trichomes, giving them a frosty and resinous appearance.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Gelonade emits a pungent and invigorating aroma much like fresh lemon zest with undertones of sweetness. There are notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and a hint of earthiness. The fragrance is uplifting and energizing, evoking images of a sunny summer day with a refreshing glass of lemonade in hand.


The flavor profile of Gelonade closely mirrors its aroma, delivering a burst of citrusy sweetness with each inhale. Hints of tropical fruits, berries, and subtle herbal undertones also come into play.



The Gelonade strain is a cross of Gelato 41 and Lemon Tree that runs sativa dominant.


This batch of Gelonade induced a euphoric and uplifting high that was accompanied by feelings of creativity and mental clarity. I experienced a surge of energy and motivation, which made it an ideal choice for daytime use or social situations. Additionally, Gelonade's mood-enhancing properties helped provide relief from the stresses of my day and fought off any fatigue that was dragging me down. Great for morning, afternoon, or active evenings.



This Gelonade is a flavorful and invigorating sativa leaning hybrid with a unique combination of gelato and citrus flavors. Its refreshing and uplifting effects evoked feelings of happiness and relaxation simultaneously and with mental clarity to boot. I found it reminiscent of enjoying a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day - a superb option for those seeking citrusy sweetness and uplifting euphoria in every puff. To experience it for yourself just head to RISE today and don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide.

*Medical cannabis is for certified/qualifying patients only. Must be at least 21+ years old to view content.


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