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Check out some of our favorite Washington DC gift services, flowers, edibles, and concentrates! Simply click on the relevant image below or click "Learn More" to see details and reviews. 

Best Services 




Top Secret Gift Dispensary DC Logo
Top Secret DC


Joint Delivery DC Weed Service
Joint Delivery


Puff Kings DC


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Exotic Blooms


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DMV Organics

Best Flower

Below are our picks for the best flower gifts recently available in DC. These are ones we have personally tried and seek ourselves. They may not be the most economical options, but they will always be of the highest quality. 


Tropicana Cookies - Top Secret DC Weed Delivery Service
Top Secret DC mini logo link

Top Secret DC

Durban Poison Sativa - Exotic Blooms
Exotic Blooms DC mini logo link

Exotic Blooms


Denver Cookies Hybrid - Exotic Blooms DC weed delivery service
Exotic Blooms DC mini logo link

Exotic Blooms


OG T.I.T.S Indica
Puff Puff DC mini logo link

Puff Puff DC

Best Edibles 

Here are our picks for the best edible gifts recently available in DC. We have personally tried and seek out these gifts for ourselves. If it's edibles that you're after, check out these delectable options!

Best Concentrates 

Here are our picks for the best concentrate gifts recently available in DC. We have personally tried these gifts for ourselves and regularly seek them out from the vendors mentioned below.

Gelato 41 live resin cartridge from Top Secret DC

Gelato #41 Live Resin Cart

Top Secret DC mini logo link
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