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Han Solo Burger - Bud Drop DC

Strain: Han Solo Burger

Service: Bud Drop

Service Type: DC Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Named after the infamous smuggler and general of the Rebel army, this Han Solo Burger embodies the spirit of adventure and rebellion. Currently available from DC marijuana dispensary, Bud Drop, it's a strain that's a must try for anyone who’s a Star Wars buff. Now let's fire up that hyperdrive, and get ready to blast off into the galaxy at light speed. 🪐



The buds themselves are a mixture of greens and purples, but its hard to tell under the immense layer of frosty trichomes.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Mainly sweet, creamy, candy scents for the nose on this one with hints of citrus and berries.


Creaminess mixed with a sugary candy-like flavor and the slight tang of something fruity.



The Han Solo Burger strain is a cross of GMO Cookies and Larry OG that runs indica dominant.


Han Solo Burger took my mood and executed a 180-degree u-turn, but let me assure you, it was all for the better. This strain has a knack for amplifying positivity, making it impossible for any good vibes to go to waste. Perfect for those chill evenings whether kicking your feet up for a movie marathon or diving into the pages of a captivating book.



In a galaxy far, far away there are stories being told of Han Solo Burger from the Milky Way. While trips from these alternate galaxies may take light years, Bud Drop stands ready to deliver this cosmic delight to your doorstep right away with the speed of the Millennium Falcon. You might say they can "navigate the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs". Don’t forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker’s Guide!

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