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Karma Space Brownie - Flowerz

As I set out to review the Karma Space Brownie from Flowerz, I chose to take a different path with this product than my flower reviews. And this had a lot to do with my wife. You see, Mrs. KannaBus declared that she wanted to try some, and well, quite frankly, she gets most things she wants.


Her single previous edibles experience was less than desirable, and resulted in me having to babysit her. Not only that, but she got sick. So, when she declared that she was willing to try, I was eager to let this be additional research.

The first thing I noticed upon removing the brownie from the packaging was the sheer density of this block of chocolate delight. This thing was THICK!

The package is very clearly labeled, explaining that four servings are included in the one brownie, so we cut the brownie into four even sections. The whole brownie includes 100mg of THC, so with four 25mg portions, I knew that we would be good to go.


I didn’t expect to be on the moon from this Delta-8 Hemp-derived edible, but I knew I should feel something. I eat a good amount of standard THC edible doses and smoke a lot of flower, so even having a portion of 100mg shouldn't be a huge deal for me, but I wasn't going to go big this time.

What I ended up experiencing was pleasantly surprising and certainly wasn’t the mild experience I had expected. I began to feel light and floaty at about the 40-minute mark. That’s a tell-tale sign for me, personally. Truth be told, I ate 50 mg, and then had the last 25mg after about 10 minutes, mainly because the brownie tasted really good. It had chocolate chunks inside, and I’m kind of a sucker for anything that is double chocolate.

My wife, who ate 25mg, had a more profound experience, you might say. After about 30 minutes she said she couldn’t feel anything. After 45 minutes, she began to talk about subjects that weren’t relevant to the movie we were watching. At the one-hour mark, she thought she heard something that sounded like bugs, but it went away. Then she swore she heard bugs again. For the next 25 minutes she had me pausing and unpausing the movie trying to determine if there was a bug, and where it was. Eventually she declared that the bugs were in the movie and just to let it play. Puzzled and with my cheeks aching from laughing so hard we managed to finish the movie. In sum, she was baked – maybe as baked as the brownie - and there weren't any bugs.

I, too, have to admit to having some auditory perception changes. I was hearing the movie in a very unique way and I can only attribute that to the baked treat. It definitely kept me elevated for the entire movie, and when it was over, my wife and I drifted off to sleep rather peacefully. As an added bonus, there was a whole lot less tossing and turning throughout the night.

If you haven’t had a D8 edible before, this is definitely shareable for two people who have a lower-than-average tolerance. It's also perfect as an afternoon snack that will have you floating through dinner time and then enjoying a proper night sleep as well.


My wife and I give it two thumbs up and we encourage you to check out Flowerz and give the Karma Space Brownie a try for yourself - especially if you’re in the mood for something uber-chocolaty and delightfully cannabinoid-infused. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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