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Snow 1 - District Hemp Botanicals (VA Recreational)

This afternoon I had the grand pleasure of not getting high, but rather, simply relaxing the afternoon away in a state of clear-headed bliss. Sometimes, you just don’t want to be high, or maybe you can’t be high. That’s where District Hemp Botanicals, and the Snow 1 Indica CBD flower come into play. This flower was packed with pleasure but not THC. In fact, the COA test results show this sample to contain less than 0.3% THC and a whopping 38.1% total cannabinoids, with the terpene percentage coming in at 1.88%.


A quick glance at the District Hemp Botanical’s clearly laid out webpage will provide you with a complete breakdown of this flower, and all of their offerings' cannabinoid profile information including specific terpene percentages. This amount of scientific knowledge gives the end user a clear picture of what they are putting in their bodies. That’s what you get with District Hemp Botanicals - honest information and knowledge that leads to a better understanding of how their products can be holistically beneficial to you.


I’ve been waiting to do a review of CBD flower and, especially, of this business for a while now having been to both their Leesburg and Manassas locations on more than one occasion. There’s was the first place I went and made a legal purchase like this, and they even gave me a “First Responder Discount” and signed me up for their points program - very beneficial. On my second visit to their store, I was told I had already earned a free product!! They have a very friendly staff and the vibes inside their quaint shop are nothing but positive energy.


In our world today, there are all different types of smokers. There’s the super stoner who wants the highest THC content known to man. There’s the daytime motivator that wants a full bore sativa to power through the daily grind. The late night toker looking for the heavy indica stoniness. And then there’s a whole different realm of individuals who really deserve a place at the table of bud puffers. I’m talking about the CBD smokers. Yes, the aficionados of the non-psychoactive cannabis flowers that you can puff on all day and will never ever get high. You will, however, feel the effects of one of nature’s most powerful plants, without a single ounce (pun intended) of head fog or disorientation.

Just such a CBD specimen, the Snow 1 was a nice bright green flower with orange hairs throughout and an aroma full of earthy, spicy, and floral notes. An indica flower in nature, the pungent smoke gave a spicy, kushy taste in the mouth upon exhalation. The cone I packed smoked smooth and slow and without any harshness too.


If you've never smoked CBD flower before, you really have to try it to believe it. The sensations of relaxation felt after consuming a joint of D.H.B.’s offerings is something that is not easily put in words and is best felt for oneself. The best way to describe it is like being wrapped in a warm blanket that has the ability to dissolve your stress as if it were a stress eraser - very therapeutic.

Enter into a CBD experience with a clear mind and open-ended expectations and you will surely come out on the other side feeling like you've received a therapy session by way of joint (or however you choose to partake). If you want to experience the beneficial properties of this CBD flower for yourself, take a trip to one of District Hemp Botanicals three locations, and ask for the Snow 1. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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