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Pink Panther CBD Flower - Flowerz

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

For this CBD flower review, it only seemed fitting to take an afternoon bike ride and enjoy the rare cool air that is unique for August in the DMV. The middle of the day is a perfect time to engage in the use of CBD as a non-psychoactive “pick me up” to make the rest of the day sail smoothly.

The specimen for said bike ride and the subject of today's review is this Pink Panther CBD Flower now available from Flowerz, an online retailer based in DC and Nashville with legal nationwide distribution. If you haven’t tried smoking high grade CBD flower before, don't let its lack of a traditional buzz keep you from understanding the value of this cannabinoid. CBD is not just for the convenience store counter display and it certainly isn’t the stale brown frown in the showcase at the vape shop.


Boutique CBD flower, specifically this offering from the Colorado breeders High Alpine Genetics (H.A.G.), is a flagship in the CBD game. The male from which Pink Panther comes is known as Alpen Gleaux, the same premium CBD autoflower which produces the early flowering photoperiod family known as the F1 Fighter Line.

Why do I know all of this you may ask? Well, I possess a Virginia Industrial Hemp Growers Registration and High Alpine happens to be one of my preferred breeders to work with. I have their full line of genetics on hand and know them well. So, when I was asked to review this strain, you could say my interest was piqued. Now, back to my bike ride.

When I readied my spliff for this outing, I made sure to clean out my grinder of any THC material that may have remained. I knew what the aroma should be for Pink Panther, and I wanted an untainted canvas for that fragrance to be released and carried to my Raw cone for maximum olfactory enjoyment.


The smells I encountered were exactly like what I had grown and experienced before. The familiar fragrance of Cheerwine soda was evident - the amazing fruitiness of this strain is undeniable, yet the fuel smell is equally as pungent. Either way it fills the air with notes of an uplifting dankness that envelops the smoker and everything around them.

I puffed this J with some Bob Marley music playing in the background. As I slow-rolled around the neighborhood, I savored the taste of that mouthwatering fruitiness followed by hints of sweet chocolate. I enjoyed the flavors of this strain when I grew it last fall, and was pleasantly surprised when I was reminded all over again of how great it was to smoke.


As for the sensation that CBD provides me with, I describe it as a warm blanket placed around my body. I’m always greeted with relaxation and a calm, meditative state after I have CBD. It allows me to focus and accomplish tasks, and takes away anxiety for me, too.

This Pink Panther flower was packaged in a nice glass jar with a humidity pack. The QR code on the label led me to a website with a Certificate of Analysis, or COA, which I compared to COA’s of my own for two other strains from the same breeder and lineage. I can tell you that the COA for this product very closely matches the test results I received and it further solidifies – for me – what stable genes this strain comes from.


I called the number listed on the website to find out more information from the source themselves. After a brief hold I was soon on the phone with Chad, the founder and owner of Flowerz. He was very knowledgeable on the strain’s lineage and was more than willing to discuss all things cannabis-related. I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant conversation we had about a cannabis variety we were both quite familiar with and fond of!

This Pink Panther is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the beneficial properties of CBD as enjoyed in a more traditional marijuana smoking manner. So hit up Flowerz and plan for a day of relaxation and worry free energy with a little boost from the Pink Panther. Don’t forget to tell them Toker’s Guide sent you!

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