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Northern Lights - Euphoria DC

A cross of Afghani and Thai indica's you can check out one of the most legendary strains of all time at DC i-71 storefront Euphoria DC currently. At roughly 95% indica she's got the euphoria packed body buzz you may be looking for when you kick your feet up this weekend.


Likely grown as "light deps" in a greenhouse-like environment these have "sun grown" potency and the mellowest of vibes. It burns light and clean with a highly earthy and piney flavor - just like its aroma.


We love Northern Lights mostly as a nighttime toke because of its highly sedative effects, but for any of the ailments that an indica would typically help address, this strain (and batch) goes a bit deeper.


With the spa and wellness offerings available from Euphoria DC, this Northern Lights is a great addition and highly beneficial in promoting a relaxed mood and tranquil state. Give them a visit today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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