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Phantom Cherry Pie - No Kids Allowed

An indica dominant cross of Phantom Cookies and Cherry Pie strains, this Phantom Cherry Pie is a mesmerizingly delicious recent specimen from DC i-71 storefront No Kids Allowed. It's so flavorful you have to wonder if the "Phantom" in the name is because it disappears so fast and leaves nothing but its strong aroma behind.


Perfect for rolling up in a Gud paper given how well it breaks up, it's also remarkably smooth and fruity in the exhale. It reminds me of Summer for some reason - perhaps the sun combined with the fruit forward stance just makes me think of tropical cocktails somewhere on a beach. If they could bottle this terpene profile it would make a pretty remarkable boat drink now that I think of it.


Continuing with the beach theme, this is the stuff that will keep a smile on your face while sunbathing, lounging, or floating in the ocean. Doing nothing in the warm glow of the sun feels great, and the euphoric nature of the buzz simply magnifies the pleasure of these effects. Put some mellow music on and you might even start thinking about becoming a full-time beach bum. Just make sure you don't drift so far afield in thought that you lose sight of the mainland. Couch-lock on a float can be hazardous!


To experience these relaxed, fruity, indica vibes for yourself just head over to DC storefront No Kids Allowed ASAP and catch this Phantom Cherry Pie before it vanishes. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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