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Pre 64 Runtz - The Gift Givers

Strain: Pre 64 Runtz

Service Type: DC Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

This is one solid Runtz phenotype from DC marijuana delivery service, The Gift Givers. With a super sweet aroma and iconic purple look, these Pre 64 Runtz buds are a prime example of the strong genetic possibilities when working with a Runtz cross.



A heavy shade of purple sits underneath the thick frosty layer of trichomes while bright orange pistils are spaced throughout.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



This smells like some propper Runtz with a really nice sweet candy scent.


My joint was full of flavor until the very end with a super sweet but slightly tart candy taste.



The Pre 64 Runtz strain is a cross of Zkittles and Gelato that runs balanced at 50/50 on the sativa/indica spectrum.


I smoked a fat joint of this Pre 64 Runtz, leaving my eyelids heavy and my face tingling with a blissful stoned sensation. Despite the relaxation, I didn't feel sleepy; instead, I was filled with a sense of rejuvenation and a newfound urge to tackle tasks. As the high progressed, the gentle tingly buzz spread from my face down to my legs, rendering them slightly lethargic but not entirely immobilized. I spent the remainder of my evening chilling until I muscled up the strength to make my way upstairs to bed.



Pre 64 Runtz offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, perfect for when I’m looking to unwind without sacrificing productivity. It’s great for the end of the night when I’m winding down but still have some cleaning up around the house to do. Get some Runtz 64 dropped directly to your doorstep from the team over at The Gift Givers and don’t forget to mention Toker’s Guide sent you when you place your order!

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