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Premium Live Hash Rosin - Plantgenix

As I prepared to load up my freshly cleaned e-nail bubbler rig, I reminisced about all the live resin I used to dab a couple years ago. Since then I've been inundated with phenomenal flower and haven't gone looking for (nor been asked to review) too many concentrates, except on rare occasion. Yet, a few days back I was approached by the concentrate wizards over at Plantgenix and they presented me with some live hash rosin that has not only renewed my interest in concentrates, but also made me want to give them a standing ovation. 👏


You see, it's flavor profiles like the ones emanating from these colorful little jars (props on the new packaging btw) that take you aback and make you a bit bewildered that something this delicious could have come from a cannabis bud. Is it the unavoidable salivation that occurs as soon as it crosses your olfactory plane? Or, is it the aftertaste that literally, and with out making much logical sense, makes you want to lick and smack your lips? The answer: it's both!


As we provided in our recent review of their also outstanding live hash rosin carts, what makes live hash rosin so great is the quality-driven refinement process which starts with nothing less than exceptionally high quality flower. From the beginning processors focus on preserving the original cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the buds' trichome heads. To do this fresh flower is frozen immediately after harvest in a process called Whole Plant Fresh Frozen (WPFF). This is where the "live" in live hash rosin comes from - the flower is suspended in a "live" state keeping it as fresh as the day it was harvested.


When it goes on to be further processed, the buds are washed in filter bags that are designed to separate the trichome heads using various sized screens to further control quality. Ultimately, this is what creates a finished concentrate of the highest purity and richest flavor. This is the process that Plantgenix has perfected and used to create the contents of the jars you see here.

Though there are a slew of flavors available on rotation depending on what's being harvested, the ones that I was fortunate enough to try were:


Strawpicanna - Made from Tropicanna Cookies F1 crossed with Strawberry Banana. The terps on this came out with a heavy strawberry banana smoothie flavor perfect for connoisseurs that love a strong strawberry profile. This one was just epically delicious and packed a massive, massive cerebral buzz. I found this highly energizing once the euphoria set in and it was awesome for a daytime thrill ride.


Garanimals - This is Grape Pie crossed with Animal Cookies and possesses a sweet, grapey, and gassy profile much like drinking high end red wine at a truck stop. The Grape Pie is probably the heavier influence here with the funky, gassy undertones from the Animal Cookies. This buzz was much different and sedative for me with a whirlwind of euphoric disorientation that made me, comically, plunge into my couch and start laughing.

So if you're on the search for the highest caliber concentrates around and hoping to achieve tastes and experiences that, until recently, were typically only available on the West Coast, then check out this line of live hash rosin from Plantgenix, now available at many DC recreational storefronts.

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