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Live Hash Rosin Carts - Plantgenix

Faced with the need to be discreet recently I was relieved to have these "Boarding Passes" on hand for a weekend trip to see family. Of course, by Boarding Passes I mean these Live Hash Rosin disposable carts from Plantgenix. I don't condone flying with them - you'll need other types of boarding passes for that. From a figurative sense, though, they won't just help you fly the friendly skies, they'll help you soar them! ✈️


For my own medicating needs I generally prefer flower, but on the occasion that I'm traveling or in unappreciative company pungent flower may not be an option. Sure, simple distillate carts can help, but it takes something a little extra to really do the trick. Enter Live Hash Rosin carts...


Yes, with these three sleek, modern, and ergonomic carts full of phenomenal live hash rosin, I was able to stay out of pain, on cloud 9, and relatively free from that ever so identifying aroma for nearly my whole trip. Note I say "relatively" because with the potency and pungency involved these carts can still be quite odiferous, it's just very short-lived and much easier to conceal. Imagine strolling a crowded city block, taking a few puffs as you go, and feeling like you just took a joint to the dome. Yet, the only giveaway was a slight waft of skunk that no one could figure out the origin of.


What makes live hash rosin so great? Beginning with nothing less than exceptionally high quality flower, processors making live hash rosin must first focus on preserving the original cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the buds' trichome heads. To do this fresh flower is frozen immediately after harvest in a process called Whole Plant Fresh Frozen (WPFF). This is where the "live" in live hash rosin comes from - the flower is suspended in a "live" state keeping it as fresh as the day it was harvested.


When it goes on to be processed, the buds are washed in filter bags that are designed to separate the trichome heads using various sized screens to further control quality. Ultimately, this is what creates a finished concentrate of the highest purity and richest flavor, and this is what goes into these live hash rosin carts.


The three strains that I was able to try are Wonka Bars (sativa-leaning), The Zoap (indica-leaning), and Jungle Cake (balanced hybrid). Out of these the Wonka Bars was my slight favorite, but with so much awesome entourage effect possible from each one and such deliciously distinct flavors, it was challenging to choose just one. Here's some more info on what I tried:

Wonka Bars - A sativa-dominant hybrid cross of the potent GMO and Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies originally bred by Exotic Genetics. Hints of chocolate, mint, and hazelnut are absolutely present on each exhale of this cart. The sativa head rush is palpable and newbies should be mindful that this one can get pretty intense. I found it energizing and great for my daytime needs.

Jungle Cake - This balanced hybrid cross of White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake has long lasting and highly potent effects. They've captured that and the sweet, gassy, and skunky notes this strain is famous for. I loved being able to switch over to this cart whenever I wanted a different flavor or to add a little more oomph to my high. However, at the end of my trip this one became my go to with it's healing euphoric vibes sans drowsiness.

The Zoap - An indica dominant cross of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava originally bred by DEO farms, this one has a terpene profile full of pine and eucalyptus with hints of kush. At the end of the day this was the cart I could chill out and flush all the angst away with. Perfect for reading a book and then zonking out in bend for a good night's rest, I think it even gave me lucid dreams at one point.

Creatively packaged inside the boarding passes, definitely keep an eye out for these and other awesome live hash rosin gifts from the consummate concentrate pros at Plantgenix. In fact, I hear that DC recreational storefront Elevated Lounge may even be "taking flight" with them soon! 🛩

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