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RS 11 - Exotic Organics DC

Check out this batch of RS 11 from DC i-71 delivery service Exotic Organics. We're big fans of this particular varietal, which stands for Rainbow Sherbert 11. Originally a Doja creation, she's a cross of Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, Skittlez, and OG kush and she runs slightly indica heavy. Better than taking the rainbow bridge in Mario Kart, this bud delivers a whirlwind of fun for all your senses. 🌈


Sweet, fruity, tart, and piney, almost everyone I've met who has encountered this strain has had an affinity for the flavor profile. This batch is no different and you may consider taking preventative measures to keep people from sticking their nose in your stash jar for too long.


The frosty trichomes glisten against a forest of rich, lime green while the fiery orange hairs seem to reach out like tentacles. When you go to break her up and pack a pipe or roll one, definitely include a grinder in your preparations. Your fingers, still able to move independently without a coating of resinous glue, will thank you later.


So hit up Exotic Organics DC today and grab some of this outstanding RS 11 for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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