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Scooby Snacks - Top Secret DC

Ruh-roh, I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled program to let you know that there is some epic weed flowing through Top Secret DC right now. It's called Scooby Snacks and it's so good it'll have you saying Zoinks - you know, like Shaggy.


Scooby Snacks the strain is a slightly indica heavy hybrid cross of the original Girls Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. However, I hear that this one is actually LA Cookies in the cross making it both lean more toward the middle and giving it an even more eye catching appearance. This comes as no surprise as Top Secret has mentioned to me several times their soon-to-be "Genetics" project would be "sexy AF". After taking in the first specimen in this lineup, you can call me a believer.

The aroma, taste, and power are there too. It's just such a sexy batch of bud - I have to be honest. It might be the best tree I've had in several months. It's a jar dominator and it'll make even the most seasoned tokers choke up a little...and that's probably with tears too because it's so damn near perfection.

It's crispy to the touch, yet annoyingly sticky. The flavor is super hard to place. Is it a skunky biscuit? Are those notes of peanut butter cookie? Then there's the trichomes - hyper white and stacked to the limit. Just check the macro:


Anyhow, this is one for the ages...and the record books. Wait, are there record books? If so this one should win for "Most likely to make you sporadically quote Scooby-Doo catch phrases". I know I'd sure do a lot for one of these Scooby Snacks!

Overall, it should be no mystery as to why I've used all the hyperbole above. This weed has all the puppy power you need and then some. Do yourself a favor and hit up Top Secret DC, jump in your Mystery Machine, and grab some Scooby Snacks ASAP.

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Katy wiwi
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