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Sour Diesel - Puff Puff DC

Happy New Years everyone! I've been out and about gathering some of the finest specimens in DC over the past couple weeks so get ready for an onslaught of posts over the coming days, weeks...months. I have to say, the first harvests of 2020 that I've been seeing so far are very, very impressive. Many are still curing and looking more and more phenomenal by the day. Stay tuned!

With the explosion of new, craft, designer, 5 star, 4 boobed, 6 legged, 8 dicked weed out there it's always nice to see an excellent cultivator putting forth an impeccable example of a tried and tested classic. Like this Sour Diesel from Puff Puff DC, for example. You can go around the country smoking top shelf the whole way and not get as fantastically stoned as a joint from at batch of Sour D like this.

It must be noted that I AM a big sativa fan - and this is a mega sativa - so you might be saying "Oh, big surprise, Matt likes the Sour D". Well yes. Yes I do. It's great. It smells like two diesel dump trucks full of citrus fruit ran over a surfeit (yep, that's what it's called) of skunks and collided at 80 mph.

The buds are big and beefy with giant mutant hairs and white trichomes throughout. The pale and bright green coloring is prototypical of the strain as is its rich, gassy, coffee, skunky,

sour, amazing diesel flavor. You gotta smoke this one people!

Hit her before getting things DONE!

For example, I just want to keep writing and writing right now. But I gotta hit the gym for a two hour workout...and then run 5 miles! DIESEL!!! Baaaahhhh!!!!! JK

Go check out Puff Puff DC today and pick up some for yourself!


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