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C'Art - Live Resin (Puff Puff DC)

Quick Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, this is just my own personal experience with this amazing cannabis product. It might be different for you, so take my words with a grain of salt. I just really felt the world needed to know about another possible tool in the arsenal of analgesia. Read on!

Greetings, TokerVerse! Thanks to the Cannabis Connoisseurs for allowing me to be your guest poster for the day! To introduce myself, I am a Lady Toker, and today I want to talk to you about Live Resin cartridges. Specifically, Sunset Sherbet from C’Art.

This indica dominant hybrid has a fresh-squeezed lemon-leaning citrus flavor with a hint of berries and has something to offer anyone who needs to mellow out or soothe some aches and pains. But to my fellow lady tokers out there, this will change your world.

Guys, ear muffs for a second! Ladies, how many of you have experienced any kind of discomfort from that monthly blessing we like to call P.M.S.? If you haven’t, please tell me your secrets. But for the rest of you, maybe you get some wicked cramps? Or sleepless nights? Or perhaps you want to pummel your significant other for no apparent reason?

Let me tell you...a puff or two of this baby and you will feel like an angel has enveloped you in her soft pillowy arms, you’re floating on the fluffiest cloud imaginable, and all those frustrations seem to have melted away. Euphoria is a word that comes to mind.

You may find everything seeming just a little less overwhelming. This might be a great time to binge some Big Little Lies or any other Reese Witherspoon masterpiece, or just drift off to dreamland to one of the best naps you’ve had in a long time. If you don’t feel like zoning out, it will help you feel more calm and elevated, almost floating through the rest of your day. It’s considered a medium for both head and body high, which provides a great balance.

Even when Aunt Flo isn’t making herself at home as an unwelcome (or welcome!) visitor, we’ve all had days where anxiety or unexplained irritability seems to rule the day. Difficult decisions or other issues can seem almost insurmountable. I find that a little hit of the Sunset Sherbet helps me step back from things just long enough to allow the dust to settle and things to become clear. It can be the perfect headchange for putting things in perspective and allowing me to move ahead. Slow down to speed up!

Finally, thanks to way too many hours of screen time and not enough yoga, sometimes I personally feel like a little demon hand is clamped around my neck and the pain can be excruciating at times. The Sunset Sherbet is one of the only things that will chill that little demon out and make it let go. The relief is a Godsend.

The best part is that these cartridges are small batch 100% cannabis, boutique grown, and locally made.They’re also pesticide free and 100% nug run, which means only the big beautiful buds are used in the creation of this cannabis concentrate. And they are harvested and immediately frozen, then extracted, achieving maximum terpene profiles for taste and effectiveness. Can’t recommend enough! Get it from Puff Puff DC!


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