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Trainwreck & Grand Daddy Purple "Flips" Vape Pen by DC MOTA - No Kids Allowed

Strain: Trainwreck, Grand Daddy Purple

​Dispensary: No Kids Allowed

​Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

​Lean: Sativa, Indica

Initial Thoughts:

In the past it has been stressful, especially while traveling, to try and keep up with all of my cartridge options. I always tote a few awesome ones with me and I need a good spread from sativa to indica with some balanced strains as well. Serious cart carriers will tell you that having several carts in your pocket at once can lead to all kinds of mix ups, especially when keys and phones are involved. So, what's a toker to do?


Allow me to introduce this DC MOTA "Flips" two in one switchable vape pen currently available at DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, No Kids Allowed. It helps cut down on all the pocket clutter by giving you Trainwreck and Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) in one disposable device. How is this possible? Check out that fancy little switch on the side. It allows you to float seamlessly between sativa (Trainwreck) and indica (GDP) options with the flick of your thumb. 👍



A black disposable vape delivery system that is rather long, but very thin and nearly indestructible. Note that the features listed on the packaging are: ceramic coil, dual cartridges, dual airflow design, clog proof technology, disposable, and rechargeable.


Side one has the unmistakable lemon and anise taste of Trainwreck while side two has a sweet (but not too sweet) taste of fruity grape, much like a solid batch of GDP.



High quality, hand crafted, medical grade THC distillate with cannabis derived terpenes of Trainwreck and GDP. The Trainwreck strain is a mostly sativa varietal that resulted from a cross of Thai and Mexican landrace sativas with an Afghani indica. The Grand Daddy Purple strain is a cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle that runs indica dominant.


The Trainwreck side of this dual cart system provides highly uplifting and cerebral effects with energy that will keep you going during your daytime pursuits. It does have a touch of edginess as many strong sativa's do, but this can be harnessed to keep mood positive and motivation high.

The GDP side, on the other hand, is immediately mellowing and brings a full body euphoria making it perfect for late afternoon and evening use. It can also quell some of the edginess from the Trainwreck should you overindulge.



The switchable aspect of this DC MOTA "Flips" device is a real game changer both in terms of keeping organized and having the convenience of two polar opposite strains on one contraption. As a sativa lover and Trainwreck fan, I was impressed that the effects and flavor were so spot on for this cultivar. Of course, the deliciousness of the GDP, along with the notable euphoric calm it brings, made me psyched to hit it on the couch right after dinner. Overall, this is two great options in one package and I'm psyched to tote it around with me on all my upcoming travels. You can pick one up for yourself by heading to No Kids Allowed today - don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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