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Zerbert - Buddha Buddy DC

Strain: Zerbert

​Service: Buddha Budday DC

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

The name alone has me stuck wanting some ice cream while simultaneously zoning out on a 1980’s cult classic video game. This Zerbert is an exotic hybrid strain with roots on the west coast in the hype strain capital of Los Angeles California. Buddha Buddy DC has been hitting hard lately and this selection is not tarnishing that reputation. Before you even open the jar you can tell that the flower inside is quality product - she's got jar appeal for sure!



Bright and vibrant colored buds full of different shades of greens with purple accents and orange hairs throughout. The coating of trichomes dusts the entirety of these chunky nugs and causes the eyes to no longer distinguish where one level of color begins and another one ends. These flowering tops of the cannabis plant are excellent examples of proper cultivation techniques and the end result of amazing gardening.


Dense buds that were properly dried, cured, and stored.


The smells are fruity and pasty like. There are creamy notes and a candy like fragrance. It's sweet smelling in the jar and in your hand.



The smoke carries the pastry flavor through and through. For me, I felt like I exhaled a fruity cheese danish. It has a light creamy flavor. I took bong hits of this one for my review session, and I cleaned my bubbler and all its parts first. The flavor really came through. This is a terpene rich variety which contains high levels of caryophyllene. This terp has been known to bring about hints of cinnamon and cloves. Well that definitely jives with what I am tasting!


Zerbert is an indica dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Blue Sherbert and Zkittlez. It was originally bred by the Backpack Boyz, but digging deeper I discovered that Blue Sherbert is a Cookies cross involving Sunset Sherbert and Zkittlez.



The effects were fun and exciting and not overly penetrating nor sedating. There are reports of this strain testing in the 15% range on average. While this number may not knock your socks off, it is a perfect flower for daytime smoke that has an indica leaning sensation behind it. This is also great for people who may be new to smoking flower, or who may have experienced anxiety when smoking because it was too strong. I was very pleased with the creative juices this bud gave me. After just a single bong pack in the morning, I was focused and relaxed and not buzzing around the house at breakneck speed. I was calm and I got my morning tasks completed with a grin on my face.


Zerbert checks all the boxes in terms of a mellow daytime smoke for me. It was cerebral, but also provided a floaty feeling throughout my body. It's not so potent that it ruins your daytime activities, but it has some creative energy and very pretty flowers that tasted good and smelled amazing. Zerbert really is some ZaZa flower and if you want to get ahold of it in one of Buddha Buddy’s classy new jars then give them a call ASAP. Make sure you mention that you saw their bud on the Tokers Guide!

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