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Big Bad Sour Bears - Puff Kings DC

Rarely is an edible so aptly named as these Big Bad Sour Bears by Puff Kings DC. They are bigger than your average bear and absolutely FAR badder, in the mid-90s meaning of the word.

Fast-acting and super potent these gummies boast 50mg of THC and 25mg of CBD and you will feel every milligram!

They come in 5 different flavors/colors and none of them left me disappointed in the taste department. A personal favorite were the blue raspberry but each of them a delight in their own right.

If you aren’t super familiar with the effects of strong edibles you may want to ease into these like you would a hot tub... However, even the most jaded edible enthusiasts will have a hard time not rediscovering why they love eating fine dosed confections such as these.

Be sure to liven up your Memorial Day weekend with these awesome Big Bad Sour Bears by Puff Kings DC!


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