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Belgian Chocolate PB Bombs - Puff Kings DC

I've been meaning to share the existence of these delightful little milk chocolate and peanut butter bombs from Puff Kings DC with you all for sometime, but secretly I've been hoarding them all for myself!!! MUWAHAHA.

Just kidding...sort of. If you know me personally, or through my writing on this site, you've probably come to reason that I'm more of a flower person than a consumer of edibles. But, if you really know me well, then you know my fondness for cannabis flower is only rivaled by that of my affinity for all things chocolate. So when these milk chocolate pb bombs came into my life I was both elated and perplexed: I wanted to eat dozens, but they are far too strong for that!

Yes, please be careful here as they are 100mg THC and 50mg CBD EACH and fully capable of taking down a large male elephant with a mere handful. At the right pace, however, these things are OH SO perfect. My "pace" involves eating half, waiting an hour, and then eating a nibble or two more. The onset is slow, but quicker with the few nibbles thereafter and, in no time at all, I'm floating down the lazy river of my mind.

Be careful not to leaf your new batch of chocolate edibles in the high heat of your parked car! Better to slice them in half and share with a friend right away than risk having to deal with a gooey melty mess. Or, keep that AC pumping and manage their temperature.

Pro Tip: Throw them in the freezer for an even "chiller" experience. 🤓 🤦‍♂️

As we roll into this weekend, if you're looking for a consistently great, reliable edible experience look no further than Puff Kings DC. In addition to these beloved Belgian chocolate "leafs" I'm also a big fan of their gummies and cakepops (as seen below) as well!

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