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Buddha Breath - Puff Kings DC

Updated: May 7, 2021

When you cross Reclining Buddha, a highly enjoyable and enlightening indica heavy hybrid, with Mendo Breath the result is nothing short of an incredibly potent indica. One with the sheer power to evaporate every last particle of moisture from your mouth, turn your eyes super squinty and red, and make you raid your cabinets for ANYTHING crunchy. This one's name is Buddha Breath and if extremely relaxing, highly euphoric indica body buzzes are your thing, this batch is for you. We thank our friends at Puff Kings DC for the opportunity to review this rare and highly exotic specimen!

Aside from the sheer intensity of her high, there's also the exotic beauty of her multi-hued colas. They're a deep, rich green smattered with little flecks of purple and even blue. Her cure is near perfect leaving her structure both crisp and spongy in the right places.

In aroma, this one is much like an exotic kush but with an overt amount of skunkyness. That same skunkyness, most certainly ascribed to the Mendo Breath's genetic influence, over powers nearly all the senses upon exhale. The aftertaste, however, has a slight hint of citrus - which makes for an even more sophisticated flavor.

Maybe after a long hard day's work you want to come home, plop down on the couch, pull a few tubes, and evolve into a vegetative state for a few hours? Well this will make you the gold medalist of that activity - or should I say lack there of. To get yours hit up Puff Kings DC ASAP and let them know that Toker's Guide sent you!

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