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Mimosa - Buddha Buddy

Mimosa from Buddha Buddy in DC is a sativa dominant hybrid (70/30) created by crossing Purple Punch and Clementine. With near perfect sativa effects and named after the Sunday brunch cocktail, she doesn’t cause any jitters or racing thoughts. This is a good one if you like to “wake and bake" — the ideal early morning pick-me-up and jumpstart to the day.


I’d also suggest Mimosa to creatives looking for cerebral stimulation, those suffering from chronic fatigue, or for anyone to toke on before hitting the gym, doing housework, or taking a trek outdoors. Mimosa actually won second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2018, and was noted by the judges for its energizing effects and tangerine taste. I reckon the flavors of this strain would pair finely with a cup of coffee or some breakfast food.


Mimosa has high levels of linalool and limonene, known to be mood boosters, and caryophyllene, a stress reliever. A light tingle will affect your body, rather than the head high that can accompany other sativa-oriented strains, and the end result will be a clear head and laser-sharp focus.


The plant is a sight to behold with dense oversized cone-shaped buds that are olive-green with milky-white trichomes and sprawling, thick orange pistils that wrap around like vines on a brick wall. It’s also coated in a sugary resin that’ll leave you with sticky fingers if you’re breaking it up by hand.


Don’t pass up this opportunity to smoke the equivalent of organic orange juice and bubbling champagne from DC i-71 delivery service Buddha Buddy DC!

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