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Panama Red Cart - Bunji Brothers

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Greetings tokers! As many of you are aware, we don't often review carts here at Toker's Guide. That's because, frankly, we haven't found that many to write home, er to you all, about. But when primo DC medical cultivator, Alternative Solutions mentioned that they would have the cart version of their spectacular Panama Red coming out in DC medical dispensaries soon, we became very enthused. So enthused we just had to track it down and give it a proper review. With a name like Bunji Bros, you'd think we'd be in for one heck of an adventure tracking it down, right? Not so. Fortunately, all it entailed was heading over to nearby Herbal Alternatives dispensary on Rhode Island Ave in NW DC where they already had it in stock!


Alt Sol, using their own blend of full spectrum extracts and terpenes, specially formulates their carts uniquely to each strain they grow. Panama Red is a terpene dominated strain known for its wide range of therapeutic effects. In fresh flower form, the terpene profile is dominated by Terpinolene which is accompanied by almost equal parts Nerolidol 2, β-Caryophyllene, and β-Myrcene. This same profile is dialed-in for the carts and designed to mimic that of the flower.


What's the result you ask? Nothing short of awesome, in our opinion. Now, if you're looking for that ridiculously fruity or sweet, almost (or probably) artificial flavoring, you won't find it here. The flavor is deliciously fresh, but actually quite subtle overall. It's not going to be the super skunky presence of the dried flower either. Instead, it's tangy and "clean" with a citrusy aftertaste. It's delightful, but again, not overt.

What is overtly apparent, however, are the effects. They are sativa laden and invigorating, so much so it makes you want to hit it again and again, just to see if there's another "uptick" you can experience - for the sativa lovers anyhow. Just as I thoroughly enjoyed the joyful energy of the Panama Red flower, so too do I enjoy the same with the cart.

For me, it also greatly placates my stomach and digestive issues in a matter of seconds - the speed and obviousness of the relief palpable even to those around me. This has honestly been an issue for me with carts, they just haven't been strong enough unless it's been correctly formulated and used a live resin or diamond/sauce blend. While this batch of Panama Red concentrate is ethanol extracted, the formulation is the kicker that makes it really hit like a champ.

If you're into cartridges, have a medical card from literally any US state (or the District, obviously), and are looking for a reliable new brand, do yourself a favor and hit up Herbal Alternatives to grab one of these great Bunji Bros carts from local DC medical cultivators Alternative Solutions today!


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